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Top Volunteers of 2014-2015

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Sep 18, 2015
by Hands On Greenville


The volunteer spirit is alive and well in Greenville County! Between July 1, 2014, and June 20, 2015, UW Hands On Greenville has accomplished several goals:

  • recruited 5,533 new volunteers
  • delivered 59,702 hours of service to our community
  • engaged 81 corporate partners in volunteerism
  • partnered with 403 nonprofits
  • Hands On Greenville volunteers made an economic contribution of more than $1.4 million this past year!

None of this would be possible without our hardworking and tireless volunteers. This year, the five Volunteer of the Year award winners collectively contributed a grand total of total of 1,500 hours, equal to an economic impact of $34,605! 

Like most HOG volunteers, Flo and Ray Breneman can be found volunteering across Greenville County. Some of their regular volunteer positions take place with Habitat for Humanity, Center for Community Services, City of Greenville, United Way events and projects, and their Church, Brookwood Church. They are both members of the Special Projects Committee for Hands On Greenville and are always willing to step in to any role requested and give valuable feedback that continues to improve events and opportunities for all involved.

JoAnn Walton is the rare type of volunteer who is always willing to step in and take on what needs to be done. Not necessarily the most fun or glamorous projects but always the most impactful. She is regularly found at Triune Mercy Center, City of Greenville events, and United Way Hands On Greenville as an SPC member. 

Cynthia Chance is a natural leader who takes on large challenges and tasks to make the community a better place to live. She is very involved with Dunean Mills Community Alliance, Community Works Carolina, and currently chairs Greenville Dreams, a coalition of neighborhood and community leaders working to ensure that all Greenville residents live in a productive, vibrant, healthy and safe neighborhood. 

Our final award recipient, Tina Sabia, is officially a volunteer superhero! The numerous agencies she regularly supports are United Ministries, Peace Center, Younts Center, Harvest Hope, Centre Stage, Golden Strip Emergency Pantry, Greenville Zoo, the City of Greenville, Hands On Greenville and United Way's School Tools project. Hands On Greenville nominated Tina for a 2015 Governor's Award in Direct Service. A quote from her nomination form reads: "Tina is a backbone volunteer who not only makes an organization stronger, but helps the other volunteers around her succeed. Tina does not seek attention or recognition, she simply seeks to work hard and know that the fruit of her labor is a better Greenville. For that we are so grateful to have Tina involved with United Way Hands On Greenville."

If you would like to be considered for volunteer of the year, please be sure to track your hours by going to "My Profile," "Track Hours" and entering the requested information. You are welcome to track volunteer hours served with any non-profit organization as long as an organization email address is included for verification.